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Kristen Modafferi
Jon Onuma
Missing since 6/23/97
My website explaining in detail why I believe Jon Onuma and others have a role in Kristen Modafferi's 1997 abduction and disappearance. If enough people bind together, Kristen will be found. The 'GoFundMe' effort is to raise roughly $7,000.00 to convert these pages into a full-blown NEWSPAPER with about a 10,000 circulation. We will then see to it that Kristen remains an important part of our lives. I promise you - finding Kristen is a REAL possibility, but we HAVE to show our resolve.
                                                                      ---- Dennis Mahon, friend of Kristen
Dennis Mahon 
I have no idea if Jon Onuma abducted Kristen Modafferi.

I have no problem saying this at the outset.  Before you start wondering why I created the website if I am not 100% sure, then I need to explain why.

I do know 100% that the Oakland Police Department have him as their Number One suspect.

I do know 100% that he interjected himself into this case by making anonymous calls to TV Stations, that he has since admitted to making.

I do know several woman who have come forward claiming Onuma raped and terrorized them. In one masochistic beating, he threatened the woman by saying, " I can't let you go. You know I'm going to have to kill you. Now you are going to know what I did to that Modafferi girl! (The woman never even heard of Kristen Modafferi). She reported this to police.

I do know 100% this his girlfriend at the time, Jill Lampo, many years later, confided to her uncle that she dated a man who convinced her to assist him in a horrific abduction and murder.

Onuma belongs in jail. Even if he did not personally abduct Kristen, he belongs in jail for making the anonymous phone call to the TV Station. That stupid act had cops looking in the wrong place in the very critical initial hours of Kristen's disappearance.

Any sympathy I might ever have had for this guy went out the window right there. 

If you adhere to the adage, 'Where there is smoke there is fire", then we have a lot of 'smoke' for you. 

I will share with you what I know and let you make your own conclusion.


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Trinh Ajah Nguyen Hoyt
Onuma's current girlfirend. If you know her - please alert her to this website just in case she is not aware of Onuma's background. Too many women harmed by Onuma - we don't need any more. They run a Website Design business 3377 Loulu Street, Honolulu, Hawaii.
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