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Kristen Modafferi: Missing since 6-23-1997
Dennis Mahon
Friend of the Modafferi's

FBI:510-808-8623 /  Oakland PD: 510-238-3641
Please link over to to learn all about Kristen's case. This website is dedicated to locating people who may have information about Kristen's case.
Have you seen Jillian Lampo Lazzaro?
Jill Lampo Lazzaro is not the suspect in Kristen's disappearance. Unfortunately, back in June of 1997, she was dating and living with a man that is.

Jon Onuma is his name and he has been on "America's Most Wanted' in connection to Kristen's case.

Onuma has been on Law Enforcement's radar from practically 'Day 1". Recently, this website has been contacted with information about Kristen's abduction by people claiming to have first hand knowledge and they are pointing the finger at Onuma.

Oakland PD and the FBI were immediately notified of this and the people who came forward were in fact interviewed by Law Enforcement.

To proceed in it's investigation, the cops need to speak to other people to corroborate the 'lead'. The problem is 16 years have passed and many people are scattered.

Jill Lampo is one of those people. She and Onuma broke up shortly after Kristen's disappearance and she eventually married Victor Lazzaro in 2004.

They purchased two homes in Discovery Bay, California: (1) 775 Discovery Bay Blvd. and (2) 1988 Cherry Hills Drive, Discovery Bay, Ca.

In 2011, Jill and Victor divorced and both homes went into foreclosure. Jill has moved on and we need to find her so that Law Enforcement can interview her to corroborate this recent information.

Jill knows we are looking for her but she has thus far not responded.

She is driving a black 2004 Mercedes CLK 500 convertible. California Tags are Handicapp 138AT.

This website is a 'last resort' to find Jill because all other attempts thus far has failed.

I was told she frequently is a customer of the Valero Dash Convenience store in Discovery Bay. I went there, the clerk knew Jill but had not seen her recently.

If You Know Where Jill Is....

If you know where Jill is please contact the Oakland PD or leave the information here anonymously. You may also contact Dennis Mahon directly 24/7 at 914-483-7214.

Jon Onuma

In May of 1999, Americas Most Wanted aired an episode on Kristen and John Walsh named Jon Onuma as a 'Person of Interest' in this case. Onuma is now in Hawaii and he was dating and living with Jill Lampo (now Jill Lampo-Lazzaro) when Kristen Modafferi vanished on June 23rd, 1997.

After Jill's divorce to Victor Lazzaro in 2011 - both Discovery Bay homes were foreclosed. Jill lived at this 775 Discovery Bay residence until the forclosure process ran its course.
Watch the 'America's Most Wanted' segment that aired in May of 1999.