Jill Lampo

Jill is important in this case.

On the day Kristen vanished, Jill was dating (and living with) Jon Onuma in the 500 block of O'Farrell Street in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco - just about a mile or so from where Kristen worked.

If you forget everything else about this case, remember this:

Jill was dating Matthew Luque but broke up with Luque to begin dating Jon Onuma.

  • In June of 2012, fifteen years after Kristen vanished, Jill confided to her uncle during a phone call that while she was living in San Francisco, she got involved with a controlling man who convinced her to assist in an unspeakable kidnap and murder.

  • Her uncle was taking notes. A screenshot of his notes are located on this page. (It's hard to read so I transcribed the most important part for you)

  • He told his wife that Jill was involved in some bad stuff. Fortunately, his wife got on Google and quickly connected the dots and contacted us.

  • Important Context:

    1. This 'phone call' took place fifteen years after Kristen vanished.

    2. 313 million people in the US in 2012.

    3. Of our 313,000,000 people here in the USA, Jill Lampo is the one person that made this admission to her Uncle.

    4. Jill is the EXACT SAME person that Oakland PD zeroed in on during the first month of Kristen's disappearance.

    5. What are the odds that the same person Oakland PD is investigating in Kristen's disappearance is the same person who confided to her uncle 15 years later?

    6. 1/313,000,000 = .000000003%

    7. So she assisted a controlling man in an unspeakable kidnap and murder. She does not mention 'Kristen Modafferi' by name, but it does make you wonder.