Matthew Luque

  1. In an email to the Kristen's father in 2009, the FBI wrote 'it is fair to say he is the center of the investigation today."

  2. Matthew Luque was friends with Kelley Strathman.

  3. Strathman was Kristen's co-worker at Spinelli's. (I'm pretty sure Strathman is 100% innocent).

  4. About a month or so after Kristen vanished, with Strathman's referral, Luque got a job at same coffee shop where Kristen worked.

  5. Luque was dating Jill Lampo. She broke up with him to start dating Jon Onuma.

In May of 1998, I received permission to interview everyone at Spinelli's Coffee shop. The store manager, Bernadette Melvin, was kind enough to set aside a table and one-by-one, had all employees sit with me for a few moments ande shere with me their experience of anything 'Kristen' related.

I spoke with 100% of all employees with one exception; Kelley Strathman. (He no longer worked there).

Another coworker told me to that Matthew Luque and Kelley Strathman were close friends and that Matthew was in the phone book.

"Just call Matthew'" I was advised, "he can put you in touch with Kelley."

Her is how the call went:

Ring, ring, ring...

Matthew: "Hello"?

Dennis: "Hi, my name is Dennis Mahon, is this Matthew?"

Matthew: "Hi Dennis. Yes, this is Matthew, how can I help you?"

Dennis: "Hi Matt. I am friends of the family of Kristen Mod...................."


Matthew: Angrily yelling at me....... "LOOK" I'VE Got NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS! YOU GOT IT? YOU GOT IT? YOU GOT IT?"

CLICK - The phone slams down.......

***The only reason I was calling him was to see if he had Kelley's phone number. Why such an angry reaction?

Coincidently - Law Enforcement raided Jill Lampo and Jon Onuma's apartment two days later and found a diary/day planner belonging to Jill Lampo.

  1. The date 'June 23rd, 1997 was torn out of the diary. That was the day Kristen vanished.

  2. The name 'Matthew Luque' was listed in her diary.